Insignia – advanced smile design

We are proud to introduce the most up-to-date braces technique currently available.  Insignia braces are a revolutionary custom approach to orthodontics. Braces are generally manufactured for a wide range of patients; however, your smile is just like your fingerprints – there’s not another one like it! Insignia allows Dr Duncan to create a virtual treatment approach, tailor-made for each individual patient.

With this virtual treatment technology, Dr Duncan can create treatment steps to specifically address the individual needs of each patient. Because he is able to work on virtual teeth more than 30x larger than they are in the mouth, this allows him to optimize both dental health and cosmetic outcomes as well as provide the shortest possible treatment time.

Once Dr Duncan has created the virtual treatment plan, the Insignia software is used to create 100% customised brackets and wires that are used to guide teeth into the correct position, in the most direct and effective manner.

The benefits

There are several benefits to being treated with Insignia. Insignia makes orthodontic treatment quicker, more efficient, and more comfortable than traditional orthodontic care. Here are a few reasons why Insignia provides a higher quality of orthodontic treatment:

  • Treatment time reduced 25-35%
  • More precise bracket placement
  • Customised bracket and archwires ensure the most efficient tooth movement
  • Fewer appointments
  • Higher quality treatment outcomes, both cosmetically and functionally

The process

Step 1:  Diagnosis and record taking

Once Dr Duncan determines that a patient is a suitable candidate for Insignia, a digital scan will be taken of their teeth for the Insignia smile design lab. This scan takes specialized digital pictures of every surface of the teeth to compile an exact virtual replica of the dental arches.

This scan data is used in conjunction with digital photos and x-rays to create the custom treatment plan.

Step 2:  Treatment plan design

Dr Duncan utilises the digital scan along with the Insignia software to design the customised virtual treatment plan and outcome.  

Step 3: CADCAM wire manufacturing

Custom orthodontic arch wires are created using a proprietary milling and shaping process.

Step 4: CADCAM bracket manufacturing

The brackets are custom-milled to deliver the desired alignment as specified in the 3D treatment plan. The brackets and wires are then sent to us in custom trays, ready to be applied to the teeth. 

Step 5: Indirect bonding appointment

Insignia utilizes an indirect bonding technique. The teeth are prepared as they would normally be for regular braces, however instead of individually positioning the brackets one by one, which can be extremely time consuming, the custom tray is placed over the teeth, attaching 3-4 brackets at once. Once all the brackets are placed and set, the custom arch wire is then inserted. 

It is approximately a 7 week interval between the scan appointment and have the braces placed.

  • Diagnosis and record taking
  • Treatment plan design
  • CADCAM wire manufacturing
  • CADCAM bracket manufacturing
  • Indirect bonding appointment


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