Improve your smile in comfort with Damon braces

Damon braces

Treatment with minimal fuss. Damon braces are a popular type of braces, known as self-ligating braces. Instead of using elastic bands, the Damon system uses a slide mechanism to hold the arch wire, allowing it to move freely. This lessens the friction and promotes low force, minimising the discomfort that is usually present with conventional braces. The light, shape-memory wires also require fewer adjustments.

Ideal for the big jobs. Damon braces can treat the most severe cases of crowding and bite issues and could also improve the overall facial result of each patient. While this makes them suitable for the big jobs, you won’t have to compromise on comfort. That’s because the Damon brand of self-ligating brackets we use here at Duncan Orthodontics are the smaller type, which makes them more comfortable against your lips and cheeks. They’re also less noticeable.

Easy to maintain. During orthodontic treatment it is important you look after your oral hygiene to protect against conditions such as gum infections and tooth decay. Damon braces don’t have the conventional elastic ties which can attract and collect plaque, making them easier to clean. What’s more, because your teeth can move freely even with the braces attached, your treatment time is considerably shorter than if you wore conventional braces.


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